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Connecting to the Console from Windows

Here is a brief guide to using PuTTY to connect to our console shell, for both Legacy Virtual Machines and Dedicated Servers. PuTTY is a simple SSH client available for Windows (but also works on Linux).

Type in the name of the console machine. See the Console Shell page for information on how to determine this for Dedicated Servers and Legacy Virtual Machines.

Typing the hostname

Type in the username with which you would like to log in as. For customers with Dedicated Servers, this is always dhshell. For Legacy Virtual Machine customers, this is the same as your Legacy Virtual Machine name (stoneboat in the example).

Typing the usernameSelect the public key. This is mandatory if you’re a Dedicated Server customer; please contact support if we have not provided the PuTTY key. For Legacy Virtual Machine customers, the password will be the same as the one in the welcome email, unless you have changed it of course.

Selecting the keySave the session (optional). This is a handy short cut to help you quickly log in. Type the session name you’d like in the Saved Sessions box, and click Save.

Saving the sessionClick connect. It should have logged in. You may be prompted to accept the host key. If you would like to check it, we have a list of host keys available.

Updated on July 26, 2018

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