Key Bindings

The console shell for Dedicated Servers and Legacy Virtual Machines is primarily driven by the actions menu but each of the activities which may be selected from there also has its own key binding.

The console shell is wrapped with a copy of GNU screen, so any of the key bindings you’ve learnt for that will work – with the difference that we’ve changed the default escape key from Ctrl+a to Ctrl+p.

Available key bindings

Availability Shortcut Action
dh & vm Ctrl+p [ Scrollback mode
dh & vm Ctrl+p F Fullscreen
dh & vm Ctrl+p f Close fullscreen
dh & vm Ctrl+p h Help
dh & vm Ctrl+p Ctrl+o Actions menu
dh & vm Ctrl+p r Reboot
dh & vm Ctrl+p x Exit
dh Ctrl+p b Send a break
vm Ctrl+p k Change your kernel
vm Ctrl+p c Change your password

Scrollback mode

Scrollback mode, accessed by pressing Ctrl+p [, allows you to see what has been displayed on your console previously – perhaps to look for a kernel panic log or similar.

Once you’re in scrollback mode you’ll find that the normal keys do not work. Instead you should use the arrow keys to scroll up and down.

To leave scrollback mode press Enter twice, or press Escape.

Updated on July 26, 2018

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