Why Bytemark?

Bytemark was founded in 2002 with a simple mission – to provide hosting solutions that developers love to use and businesses can rely on. Since those early days we have grown organically to reach over £3 million pounds of customer subscriptions, alongside building a talented team of 25+ staff members.

We believe this success comes from having a real commitment to solving our customer’s problems with new and innovative technology. We also know that the best way to do business is to take a positive ethical stance and operate as a fair and transparent company.

How are we different?

  • We are UK owned and operated
  • We have invested for resilience by building own our data centre YO26 in York, alongside running a backup site in Manchester and a national network via London.
  • Our data centres have multiple layers of access control and we routinely deal with UK government and health care contracts.
  • We custom built our cloud hosting platform to our own high specifications
  • We only quote from list prices
  • We tell you about every outage
  • We unconditionally support Free and Open Source Software
  • We plan long-term products for long-term customers

More than just hosting

As well as hosting solutions, we also offer the following additional services:

  • Cloud-Native Technology: We are always updating our featuring offerings so that you can get more out of your infrastructure. Cloud-native tech allows you to develop faster and safer. Docker is now available on Bytemark servers, and we are building our own Managed Kubernetes platform.
  • Domains: Once you have an account with Bytemark, you can register and manage your domains through the Bytemark Panel.
  • Private VLAN / Load Balancers / Shared Firewall: Bytemark can group a set of servers into a single private network and configure it to have a separate firewall with custom rules, or install highly-available TCP load balancers to your servers so that you can configure a cluster.This service is provided to order according to our current price list. If you need a private network please contact support.
  • Colocation: Bytemark also provides colocation services.
Updated on February 18, 2019

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