The Bytemark Panel

Bytemark Panel is our user interface which allows you to manage your account. You can use Panel for the following:

Cloud Servers

The ‘Servers’ section allows you to:

  • Manage existing cloud servers – including organising them into groups, adding backups increasing RAM and adding discs.
  • Add new cloud servers.


The ‘Networking’ section allows you to:

  • Add and manage load balancers.
  • Add IP addresses.
  • Swap primary IPs.
  • Change DNS for an IP address.


The ‘Domains’ section allows you to:

Account Settings

The ‘Account’ section allows you to

  • View your invoices.
  • Update your payment card details.
  • Pay outstanding invoices using your registered credit/debit card.
  • Enable Two-factor authentication.
  • Update your password.
  • Update your SSH key(s) used to access the serial console for cloud servers.

Other changes to your account

You will need to contact support if you would like to:

  • Allow more users to access your account
  • Change your postal address
  • Change ownership of the account
  • Close your account.

Our team can talk you through these processes and ensure the proper security checks are carried out.

Panel also displays any Service Status issues and recent forum posts on the main dashboard so you can quickly spot any updates.

Updated on February 19, 2019

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