Creating a new Cloud Server

A great way to get started with Bytemark is to create a Cloud Server, which are flexible, scalable and reliable.

Things to note

Once you’ve installed the command-line client and signed up for an account, run this command to fire up your first Cloud Server called monkey:

bytemark create server monkey

The default is to give your server 1 CPU, 1GiB RAM and 25GiB SSD storage. We also default to installing our own Symbiosis operating system. If you need something different then you can specify what you want. To see the available options, run:

bytemark help create server

For example, to create a Cloud Server called monkey with 4GiB RAM:

bytemark create server --memory 4GiB monkey

Remember to take note of the root/admin password that is displayed. You’ll need this to login to your server. After a few minutes, your Cloud Server will be up and running. If you have any problems, please do get in touch and we’ll figure things out.

What else can I do with the command-line client?

Take a look at some common commands to see what kind of things you can do with the command-line client.

Updated on May 22, 2019

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