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Adding a Cloud Server

This guide covers how to set up a Cloud Server in minutes using Bytemark Panel.

Initial Setup

  1. Login to the Bytemark Panel
  2. Click the ‘Servers‘ tab and click the green ‘Add a cloud server‘ button.

Selecting your options

  1. Enter a name for your Cloud Server.
  2. Select where you want it to be hosted (York or Manchester).
  3. Drag the slider to select your required resources.
  4. Select your desired operating system. If you want to install an operating system from your own ISO file, select ‘None / Custom‘.
  5. Select the size of your root disc and add additional drives as required.
  6. Select a backup schedule.
  7. Add a firstboot script if required.
  8. Select the type of authentication you want to use.
  9. Review your choices and click the green ‘Add this server‘ button when you are happy.

Important: A root password will be generated for you automatically. Please make a note of it!

Updated on February 20, 2019

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