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Organising Cloud Servers using Groups

This guide walks through how to organise multiple Bytemark Cloud Servers into groups.

What is a group?

A ‘group‘ is simply a collection of Cloud Servers. If you have a lot of Cloud Servers, it can be useful to organise them into logical groups. By default, each account contains a single group called ‘default’. New Cloud Servers are added to that group unless you specify otherwise.

If you’d like to use groups via the Cloud Server API, take a look at our other Groups Guide.

Adding Groups

New groups can be created by clicking the ‘Add group‘ button from the ‘Servers‘ tab of the Bytemark Panel.

VLANs can also be arranged by groups. With assistance from Bytemark Support, each group of Cloud Servers can have their own private network. This will be reflected in the vlan_id field of the NIC assigned to the Cloud Server.


Cloud Server host names are assigned in the format:


So, a new Cloud Server called ‘server1’ added to the default group by the user ‘snowbother’ will be assigned the host name:


Whereas, if it was created in the ‘shop’ group it would be:

Updated on February 20, 2019

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