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Deleting a Cloud Server

If you no longer require a Cloud Server you can shut it down and delete it through the Bytemark Panel.

Things to note

  • Before you delete your Cloud Server, please ensure you have made copies of any data on the server you want to keep.
  • You will lose any Cloud Server backups when the Cloud Server itself is purged.

Deleting a Cloud Server

  • Login to the Bytemark Panel.
  • Click the ‘Servers‘ tab.
  • Find the Cloud Server you want to delete and click the downward-facing arrow to expand the server options if necessary.
  • Click the ‘Delete server‘ link (bottom-right) and (if you are sure!) click the ‘Yes, delete this VM‘ button to confirm.

Purging a Cloud Server

When a Cloud Server is ‘purged’ it is completely removed from our systems.

Deleted Cloud Servers are purged automatically after 21 days. Until then, it may be possible to recover a Cloud Server by clicking the ‘Restore‘ button but please don’t rely on this! It is not guaranteed!

If you are certain you no longer need a deleted server, click the ‘Purge server‘ link in the bottom-right of your server options to purge it manually.

Credits for Unused Time

Once a Cloud Server has been deleted and/or purged you will receive no further charges for it, and your account will be credited for any unused time you may have already paid for. Credits are usually applied by the following working day.

Updated on February 20, 2019

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