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Which Host is my Legacy Virtual Machine On?

From time to time we will announce maintenance periods on our host machines, each of which contains several customers’ Legacy Virtual Machines. To find out whether a report applies to your legacy VM, you can find the answer through the DNS like this, assuming your legacy VM’s username is stoneboat:

dig +short CNAME stoneboat.vmadmin.bytemark.co.uk

Your machine’s username is the bit before the .vm.bytemark.co.uk which appeared in the welcome email.

Checking host machine SSH fingerprints

When you connect to the admin shell you’ll actually be connecting to the host machine.

The first time you connect to one of our host machines via SSH you will be prompted to accept a fingerprint of that host. Or, if your machine has been moved to a new host you’ll be told that the key doesn’t match.

All our host machines have their SSH fingerprints recorded in the DNS, which should allow your SSH client to verify the host machine’s key automatically. You can also check against the following list here.

Updated on July 26, 2018

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