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What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Without DNS, you’d need to enter to access the Bytemark website. With DNS, you enter bytemark.co.uk, DNS returns and your browser does the rest. Much easier to remember!

Using Panel DNS editor for new domains

  1. Login to Bytemark Panel.
  2. Click ‘Domains’.
  3. Register your new domain.
  4. Scroll down to ‘DNS Editor’ and click ‘Add Record’.
  5. Add your first record to your new domain — we’ll add some essential records (SOA & NS) automatically.

Using Panel DNS editor for domains you own elsewhere

  1. Login to Bytemark Panel.
  2. Click ‘Domains’.
  3. Click ‘Add Domain
  4. Enter your domain name and contact your domain registrar to update the nameservers to:
    • e.ns.bytemark.co.uk
    • f.ns.bytemark.co.uk
    • g.ns.bytemark.co.uk
  5. Use our DNS editor to add the records you require.

Migrating from Content DNS / Symbiosis DNS

Historically, all DNS records on Bytemark Cloud were handled by our Content DNS system. This system is superb if you wish to programatically update your DNS records via Symbiosis and we will continue to offer and support this service.

To register a domain and continue to use our Content DNS system, simply tick ‘Use legacy nameservers for Symbiosis DNS’ during the registration process.

However, if you wish to migrate, follow the instructions below :

  1. Setup your DNS records using Panel DNS editor.
  2. Change your nameservers to
    • e.ns.bytemark.co.uk
    • f.ns.bytemark.co.uk
    • g.ns.bytemark.co.uk
  3. You may see your changes take effect within a few minutes but please bear in mind that DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate the internet.
  4. Your DNS is now managed and served by Panel DNS.


For customers with more advanced requirements, we also offer a comprehensive API, documented here. With this API, you can:

  • Add, update and remove DNS records.
  • Add, update and remove domains on our DNS system.
  • Check the status of our DNS system.
Updated on March 5, 2019

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