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Getting help

When asking for help, please help us to help you. Please give us all the information that you can, including the following where relevant.

Please also see our support process at http://www.bytemark.co.uk/support

1. Your customer account name or number. Some customer have more than one account, so please give the relevant account. The username that you log in to https://panel.bytemark.co.uk/ is probably what we’re after here.

2. If the question relates to a server, then please give the fully qualified domain name for the server. It should end .dh.bytemark.co.uk or .uk0.bigv.io, or .vm.bytemark.co.uk – though there may be one or two exceptions. For cloud servers you can find the name in https://panel.bytemark.co.uk/servers, for others type ‘hostname’ on the command line.

3. If the question relates to a domain, please give the full domain name, like ‘example.co.uk’. This lets us discover the correct DNS name servers, and the location of your web site, for example.

4. If there’s a problem with a web site, please give the full address, like ‘ where you see the problem. You can copy it from the address bar of your browser.

5. If it’s a billing issue, then a recent invoice number (beginning “N”) will help.

6. If there’s a problem with file permissions, please give the full path name of the directory where you find the problem.

7. Please describe the problem: (a) what do you see, and (b) what do you expect to see?

8. If you’ve found a work-around, please tell us what that is.

Updated on December 3, 2019

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