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Ordering a Dedicated Server

Bytemark’s Dedicated Servers offer low-cost, guaranteed performance for your sites.

Most server models can be provisioned within 2–5 days through our Dedicated Server order form. You’ll see the order form shows three types of servers:

Dedicated Servers are ideal when you know you want high performance from the outset or you want to save money on a higher spec. They are particularly appropriate for crucial databases or image/video processing, where consistent performance is critical.

You might choose a Cloud Server instead where you need a minimum specification, or faster provisioning.

Ordering & provisioning

Once you have ordered a dedicated server, you will receive login details by email, and our team will keep you up to date with a delivery date for build-to-order servers.

Rebooting & reimaging

Dedicated Servers are not yet integrated into the Bytemark Panel, but you will be able to use our console to reboot & reimage your servers.

Updated on February 20, 2019

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