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BigV Migration FAQ

What is happening? 

We are sun-setting our BigV platform – meaning we will be ceasing support – from April 30th, 2023.   

This means all support will stop, on any BigV service.   We will NOT be shutting the platform down for the foreseeable future, so your service will remain active, however, no support will be provided, meaning we will not be able to provide any assistance on the BigV service, unless migration-related.  

Why are you doing this?  

As you may already be aware, Bytemark has become part of the Iomart Group, and one of the benefits of this merge, is we can utilise the wider group’s infrastructure.  We will be advising all customers move to our OnApp platform, which offers similar cloud hosting services, but with newer, more resilient infrastructure.  

What is happening to other types of services apart from BigV cloud services? 

Our York facility is not being closed down, so any dedicated or rack services will remain as they are.    

Where can I move my services to?  

We will be advising all customers to move to our OnApp platform, specifically, our York service.   

There are two options with this, we can either carry out an automatic migration, which will be a ‘best effort’ attempt, or we can simply create an identical resource for you on the OnApp platform and give you time to migrate your services yourself. 

The OnApp platform offers very similar services to the BigV platform, with similar features also offered through the associated customer control panel, which you will also be moved over to.  

Locations are also available in Manchester, and London if that is a preferred option. 

Will my control panel change? 

Yes, as part of this move, you will also need to move to the associated customer control panel, once your new resource has been created.  Your account can be found on the following link:  


For managed customers, please get in touch to discuss options further. 

I have a managed service, will my support change?  

Our management SLA will remain the same, with the same centralised team providing the support.  If there is any specific part of management you are concerned about, or you have custom services set up, please discuss this with our Technical Team when they are assisting with your migration.  

What will happen to my backups?  

OnApp offers similar backup services to the current BigV backups, which a snapshot-style backup service.  This can be set up and managed on your end, through the OnApp customer control panel.  You can also carry out backup restores through the control panel. 

For managed customers who have a file restore-style backup service, please get in touch to discuss this further.  

Can I keep my IPs?  

Yes, you can keep your IPs, however, this will require steps on our end to ensure this is done correctly, so please get in touch if you are ready to migrate, and also need to keep your IP addresses.  

Will my costs stay the same?  

Yes, whatever BigV services you have, a new server will be set up on the OnApp platform, with identical resources and pricing.   

Any new services moving forward can be purchased through our shop, once you are set up on the Iomart.io customer portal: 


Updated on February 2, 2023

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